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Creating your own design and crafting out

Many people often ask this question, "Why do you want to spend hours making a hand sewn item when you can easilyy buy a expensive and branded one from the store?"

- Creating a self made product by one's creative mind and effort is very different, it gives us a sense of achievement and satisfaction.  If it is meant to be a gift for someone special to you, it will completely express your sincerity and love through the item which you created personally, having your own unique creation and precious time spent making it, for sure the receipient will appreciate deeply.

Simple and Meaningful project

2 Piece Set - small namecard holder.  This is one sample in which any beginner can easily pick up and practise handling leather cutting, holes punching and sewing techniques.

Classic Bifold - sleak card case.  In this second design, the feature is on the molded shape which gives character and 3 dimensional feel.

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